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I want to celebrate the incredible talent of Jodi Faber, the multidisciplinary artist who brought the story of Love Thy Neighbor to life with her unique and beautiful illustrations.

Jodi is a phenomenal artist who couldn't confine herself to just one medium. She primarily works with illustration and sculpture, creating whimsical and bizarre distortions of reality that invite viewers to create their own narratives. Her work is characterized by humor, vibrant colors, appealing textures, and illustrative lines that evoke a childlike desire to touch and explore.

Jodi's inspiration comes from toy design, and she strives to create an emphatic desire to reach out and touch with her sculptures. In her illustrations, she enjoys playing with dimensions and weaving different forms in and out of each other. Her illustrations function almost like a visual maze, inviting the viewer to follow and make sense of the entangled shapes.

Her ultimate goal is to create art that feels approachable and appealing to both those familiar and unfamiliar with art culture, promoting creative exploration. She was able to capture and create a unique yet beautiful image of Smiley and our family for Love Thy Neighbor, perfectly embodying the spirit of the story.

We are incredibly grateful to have had Jodi as part of our journey. Her talent and creativity have truly brought Love Thy Neighbor to life, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the result.


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