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Narda J. Fields

Narda J. Fields

Meet Narda J. Fields, a beloved character from "Love Thy Neighbor" and my incredible mother. As the only daughter and youngest child of Smiley, Narda inherited her mother's passion for cooking, turning it into a cherished pastime they both shared.

Since Smiley's passing, Narda has channeled her culinary skills into creating 'More Than Kale Meal Prep and Catering'. Known affectionately as NardaJo or Chef NardaJo, she doesn't just cook - she creates. She steps into the kitchen and, as she likes to say, "makes it happen".

But for NardaJo, the kitchen is more than just a place to prepare food. It's a space where she builds relationships and bonds with people, all while crafting nutritious and delicious meals. She firmly believes that certain diseases don't have to be genetic and that we have the power to change what we intake and digest.

NardaJo's mission is simple yet profound - to feed the masses, not just with food, but with soul-nourishing meals that are both nutritious and delicious. She's not just a chef, she's a culinary artist with a heart for health and a passion for people.

Narda J. Fields
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